Why Health Quickies?

This is the post excerpt.

Many people are concerned about their health, and want to make healthier choices, but don’t know how, or where to begin. There is a ton of information out there, and so little time during the course of a busy day to sit down, and read through the pages and pages of articles and books, available on the internet, or in book stores. As a licensed and certified health educator, and consultant, I have been asked on many occasions- Is this good for you? Is that bad for you? What should I eat? What products should I buy? Etc. These questions led to the creation of my blog Health Quickies- Health info on the Go.  Instead of having to read through a bunch of articles just to get the answers to your health questions, www.Health Quickies.com answers your health questions, and provides you  access to health information and tips, in a concise easy to read format(written in a page or less.) Now Jane and Joe Busy, can access health information, in a fraction of the time, which allows them to make healthier decisions about the foods they eat, and the products they use. My hope is that Health Quickies- Health info on the go will help you pursue a healthier lifestyle, and to make better choices for you and yours.